Founded in 1987, Thompson Seedless Software provided contract services for users of IBM and compatible mainframe computers. These services ranged from operating system support to customized on-line and data manipulation applications.  In the late 80’s and early 90’s Thompson Seedless developed the TSS 6-pack. These high performance utility programs addressed a number of direct marketers data processing needs .

The TSS 6-pack included:

  • TSSUtil™ the general purpose file manipulation utility.
  • Flexi-Purge™  the TSS flexible merge/purge package.
  • Master-Letter™  a line printer and compatibility mode laser printer text and computer letter formatting package.
  • List-Trac™  a name list fulfillment and tracking package.
  • List-Maint™  a batch mode mailing list edit and update utility.
  • FontUtil™  a CICS based on-line font editing package.

In 1992, as personal computers and work stations became more powerful, TSS committed to port the TSSUtil file utilities to the Intel platform. TSSUtil was re-written in ANSI C to provide the DOS, Windows, and UNIX user the same advanced processing tool.

Since then, many new features have been added to TSSUtil, making it ideal for top direct marketing agencies and database marketing companies and banks. Used by data warehouse and marketing database designers to pre-process data loads,  TSSUtil dramatically reduces reformatting and load times.

Explore the TSS Support Web and find out how your data re-engineering needs can be satisfied with this state of the art utility.

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